AICEL-Shura Hall
A building with an impactful exterior. Check out the history exhibit area!
The design of this building brings to mind boat-shaped haniwa (clay figures) and a shura (sledge used to haul heavy stones). The second floor of the building houses a history exhibit area where excavated artifacts are on display. In the history exhibit area, visitors can learn about the ancient history of Fujiidera through paleolithic artifacts and examine items such as a waterfowl-shaped haniwa excavated from the Tsudoshiroyama Kofun (an Important Cultural Property) and the ironware burial facility at the Nishihakayama Kofun. Also on display is a replica of the tombstone of Ino Manari, an exchange student who traveled to the Tang Dynasty, which was discovered in Xi’an, China. This exhibit allows visitors to learn about the Japanese envoys dispatched to Tang China.