Among the kofun (mounded tombs) in Fujiidera that have been registered as World Heritage component sites of the Furuichi Kofun Group, there are some that can be climbed on foot, allowing you to access the top of the tombs! What a waste to just admire the greenery from afar! Go have a picnic at these unique and friendly World Heritage sites!
Tsudoshiroyama Kofun

Tsudoshiroyama Kofun is the oldest keyhole-shaped kofun in the Mozu-Furuichi Kofun Group. The mound itself is maintained as a park. There is an open space and athletic field, and the inner moat is planted with seasonal flowers. It’s perfect for spending a holiday with the family! Take your lunch and go!

Komuroyama Kofun

The Komuroyama Kofun, built in the late 4th century, is located on the Kou Plateau which straddles the cities of Fujiidera and Habikino. This site, which has been developed into a park, is a place of relaxation for Fujiidera locals. Here, you can admire the exceptional beauty of the four seasons—the cherry blossom and autumn foliage seasons are especially recommended.